Week 25 Chloe

As a mother, all of my children have gone through a long climbing phase, but as they got older their climbing habits have changed. Over the years my kids have loved to climb a large tree in our front yard, even though there are no limbs close to the bottom to climb up to the very top. But one day when I went outside to call the kiddos for lunch, I spotted all of them up in that giant spruce tree. I screamed up the tree, ” How on Earth did you guys get up there?”

Week 24 Chloe

In the great beyond of colossal village, lived a family of giants in a cottage.

“Sweetheart, would you like to join me for a cup of tea?” Mae, the wife giant exclaimed.

“No,” Billy explained. “I have work to do!” While walking outside he thought to himself, “I wonder how I’m going to dig this well!”

“My dear husband, have you seen my tea cup?” Mae yelled outside. “My tea is just about ready!”

“No my dear, I haven’t seen it!” Billy replied.

“Oh my goodness! Billy thought. “How am I ever going to dig this out of the ground?”